$175 Opulent Individual Massage

      $325 Opulent Couples Massages

               TRAVEL FEE INCLUDED

The Opulent Ageless Massage

The Opulent Ageless Massage

From $170.00

The Opulent Ageless Massage is a specialized treatment designed for individuals aged 65 and above, aiming to address the unique needs and concerns of mature skin and bodies. Clients can choose from a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, or Focus work, tailored to their preferences and comfort levels. The massage session includes a warm towel treatment, light stretching, and the option of 24K & Collagen under eye masks or heated eye masks for a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

This age-specific massage is not only relaxing but also offers therapeutic benefits, such as improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced overall well-being. The treatment is conducted with care and sensitivity, ensuring that the client feels comfortable and pampered throughout the session. Additionally, the travel fee is included for up to a 10-mile radius of Downtown Atlanta, with any additional miles incurring an extra fee, making this luxurious experience accessible and convenient for elderly clients in the area.

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