$175 Opulent Individual Massage

      $325 Opulent Couples Massages

               TRAVEL FEE INCLUDED

Follow Along Our Journey to Providing Luxury

Follow Along Our Journey to Providing Luxury

The Opulent Oasis Spa was born from a vision of providing unparalleled luxury and self-care to our clients. With over 12 years of experience in the wellness industry, our founder Mia Onyeuku-Johnson recognized a growing need for personalized and indulgent spa experiences. In 2020, during the challenging times of the pandemic, Mia saw an opportunity to bring the spa directly to people's homes when they needed it most. Thus, The Opulent Oasis Spa was launched as a mobile spa service, offering a range of massages and treatments to help alleviate stress and promote well-being.

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to providing opportunities for others, Mia's journey with The Opulent Oasis Spa is a testament to her dedication to excellence. What started as a response to a unique moment in time has evolved into a thriving business that continues to redefine luxury in the wellness industry. With a focus on delivering top-tier services, professionalism, and a touch of opulence, The Opulent Oasis Spa invites you to experience self-care like never before.